Tuesday, December 16, 2008

FINALLY, we have correct final drawings, but no start date until mid January.

My Husband and I went to Head Office before 9am yesterday morning to try and get a resolution for our constant frustrations.

We sat down with 2 CSA's, one being the manager of our 'usual' one whom is on annual leave (and whom I spoke with last Monday), and the other I have dealt with last week. They understand completely our frustrations at their 'appalling customer service' (those exact words were used) and couldn't tell us enough how sorry they were for the breakdown in communication. Had our original CSA sent us the PCV2, Colour Selection and final drawings when they had been completed, they could have started a lot earlier, without all the running around that I have had to do. By this stage we should have had a slab, which is pretty much as I'd expected all along.

They possibly could start at this late stage with the cut, fill and laying of sewerage pipes, but then they run the risk of them being damaged without the slab over the Christmas period. Tradies are all available to work over the break, but because the suppliers all shut down, the availability of the materials is limited. We have been assigned one of two of the best Site Supervisors (SS's), who are experienced in our area, and usually complete their 'builds' 1 or 2 months ahead of schedule. Better hope so, as we are already running about 4 weeks behind, and that will blow out to 8 weeks once we get started.

So, we 'should' be hearing from the SS who is assinged to us this week, with a confirmed start date of sometime in mid January. At least then we will know, and I can still enjoy a little relaxing family holiday before the stress of building kicks in...although I don't think anything can be as stressfull as what I have experienced in the last 3 weeks.

My Husband didn't mention anything about 'compensation', which I was quite annoyed about. I wasn't going to as I am completey sick of dealing with them at this stage. He said what is done is done, and nothing can change that. You reckon? Some form of 'compensation' should have been offered for their complete botch-up as far as I was concerned, but again, I'm sick of fightning this battle.

So, we have our drawings and they all look in order. Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to go through them as I had a dinner to go to last night. Still, getting them back to Henley quickly will not bring back the weeks we have lost, so now they can wait for us. The most annoying part of this Monday morning meeting, was I missed my Daughter receiving a Principle's Award for excellence in learning during assembly...typical!

Anyway, the last several blog entries have been far too long winded and frustating, so I'll cheer everyone up with some beautiful inspirational interiors next time...myself included!


House-To-Be said...

Hi Stormy,

Happy for you that you have finally received the correct plans. Frustrated for you that it took so long and that it was an admin fault which has now held you up. Sad for you that you missed Assembly.... I've been in that situation before and it's not a great feeling :-( Well done to your DD!

So now you can enjoy your Christmas time and I'm sure mid-Jan will come around really quickly!

Also fantastic news that you have been assigned a great SS. Hopefully he'll get things moving along quickly for you.

Look forward to your pics. I was browsing an American Real Estate website last week and thought of you :-)


stormygirl said...

Thanks H2B.

I'm sure to relax a little over the holidays, but I really just want to get started. The sooner we start, the sooner we will be in. It's difficult living in 'limbo'.

Yes, I guess my tastes are bordering on the American style as well as the French Provincial. I'd be interested in seeing the link, so please feel free to send it to me!

My daughter didn't mind that I wasn't there, but I was mortified! They are such special moments, and it's hard missing them.

We still haven't looked at the plans...I've been doing my Christmas cards!