Monday, April 20, 2009

Am I being too picky??

On second, much closer inspection on the brickwork, it really doesn't seem that bad, and will probably only ever be noticed by me...and maybe the neighbours who will look directly at it...

I've done a up a few photos with lines (very badly drawn ones with the mouse!), to outline the problems.

This is the circled brick in question. The mortar joins line up neatly on the right side of the brick, but it is smaller than the rest of the bricks, so the left mortar join is not in line with the rest of the wall.

Here you can see the brick in question looking up the wall, and clearly seeing how much shorter it is than the others.

This is further along the wall, and you can see the whole course has been pushed out of alignment because of this one brick.

Now, I know these bricks are not absolutely perfect anyway, which is part of the beauty of them. But, to me, this particular brick must have missed being picked out by quality control, as it is about 2.5cm shorter than all the others.

As the brick course is 5 down from the top of where they stopped, and the 'brick in question' is right at the start of the course, it would require a fair amount of ripping down to replace that one brick and fix the problem.

What would you do??

On a nicer note, bricking continued along the garage/dining wall today, and around the supports to the alfresco roof! They have erected the scaffolding ready to brick up above the laundry door and continue along the long wall where the 'problem' is. Uh oh...


-Sha said...

honestly.. if you didnt point it out, i would never have noticed it.. I think the bricks are gorgeous!

Hels_n_Greg said...

You're lucky that it is quite a rough style of brick so everything doesn't have to line up so neatly. So I don't think most people would notice it (except for someone like me who always notices these things which is why my DH hates taking me to display homes as I pick holes in all of them lol).
Anyway, if you think it will always bother you then ask for it to be fixed. But wait until they have finished the whole brciking job and then go around the house and make a list of all the areas that need attention. This is what I am going to do as our house is currently bricking too and there are a few places that I am not happy with so far.

Other than that, your bricks look fantabulous!!

~ Hels ~

A-M said...

They are such gorgeous bricks that one looks at the colours, not the lines. Trust me, I still can't see what you can see and I am a nutcase when it comes to detail. Gorgeous, gorgeous bricks! A-M xx

Allan said...

You worried too much about the bricks! As long as it's not at the front facade, next to the front entrance, I don't think it should be a problem.