Saturday, April 4, 2009

Brickies on Holidays.

After there seemed to be constant work on the house, it has come to a grinding halt. The brickies were here for 1 day (23rd March), then went off to finish another job, and have now gone on holidays until the 14th April. Ggggrrrrrr! Not much I can do, unfortunately, and would much rather have these brickies which the SS knows and trusts, rather than any one to replace them. So, we must wait patiently...AGAIN!

We had our first official site meeting with the SS on Friday, which lasted an hour! We went through everything on my list, and each was given a careful explanation. The slab was measured where it dips obviously, and in a few places it will need to be grinded down/filled for the tilers, but everywhere the floating floor is going, it is 'within tolerances' (I'm beginning to hate that term!)! The frame and the floor above the dippy slab is fine, so there shouldn't be any trouble with the plaster once that goes on. Each mark of pink paint was explained to us, and they all pretty much relate to the frame being slightly 'out of plumb', which will make the plaster's job harder, so it will all be fixed now. The frame passed it's first inspection with flying colours and everything else is looking pretty good!

I have full confidence in my SS and his ability, and his professionalism towards building our home (hopefully not my 'famous last words'...), but from reading many other people's building experiences and horrors, I am pretty safe in saying ours looks good! If there was anything major, I would pick it up...and so would he! Having used all of his tradies before, and built the display homes in Lyndhurst, it's always a good sign!

So, not much will happen in the next week and a bit...well, nothing will, actually, so things will be a little quiet around here...again! I may come up with a few more 'inspirational' posts though!


Mrs B said...

Hi Stormy
At least you know what is happening, that makes the waiting game so much easier. We also had to wait 6 weeks for a specialist lock up carpenter last year and they were the longest 6 weeks ever. Oh well, at least you have time for more bargain shopping while you will just have to find more storage to put all those wonderful goodies!
Mrs B

A-M said...

Hey Stormy, Those 'grinding halts' are not fun. I'll wait with you! I'm waiting and waiting. Theoretically our contract is up in 6 days! My SS has gone on holidays, right at the end of our project. How's that for attitude! Everyone has to wait for him to return! We are at least 2 months away I reckon. Sounds like you have a great, professional!!!! SS. That was all I wanted. You are very lucky. Mine has been the reason that this project has been so difficult - rude, arrogant, and with severe attitude.... you've got a good one by the sounds of it!
Have an emotional break. I think I will over Easter and not even think about the house. I'm going to take everyone's advice! A-M xx

Toni said...

So pleased to hear that you have a great SS Stormy. That makes the world of difference as alot of us know.

Sorry to hear that the brickies are no where to be seen especially after things were going along at a good pace.

Hope you are enjoying the school holidays :-)