Monday, April 13, 2009

X Fingers Crossed X

The brickies are due back tomorrow, and I'm keeping my fingers firmly crossed that they will be back on site when we go and visit. Having been away over the Easter break, we did drop in this afternoon, and noticed that some more scaffolding had been delivered. It's always a good sign, so hopefully, after 3 weeks of nothingness, they will resume tomorrow bright and early!

Having been a week ahead of schedule, they are now 2 weeks behind.

The contract clock is ticking...


A-M said...

Stormy, I hope they turn up. I'm relying on your happy stories now to lift my spirits! A-M xx

Mrs B said...

Hi stormy
I am also hoping they turn up today! Good luck and try not to drive past the house more than 6 times today hehe

Mrs B

The Browns said...

I have every thing crossed for you,
Fingers toes, eyes. arms legs and any thing else that can be crossed :)

stormygirl said...

Thankyou A-M, my fingers are also crossed for you, that your situation is resolved quickly and to your complete satisfaction. Water damage is the pits! I just have to look at some of my books, magazines and furniture to remind me... Chin up!

Thankyou Mrs B! I'll know shortly if they are there..just have to drag myself away from the PC. Do you think 6 times would be adequate? ;-) ;-). I'm so looking forward to your next post on your blog!!!

Thankyou Brown family! I'll keep you posted! Although if you listen really carefully, you may hear a huge cheer from Melbourne!!

Michelle said...

Hey Stormy,

oooh I get a new computer and FINALLY I can see pics lol....coming along nicely...although I know not as quickly as you want it to lol!!

Looking forward to seeing more of the pics.

Chelle xx