Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More progress inside and out.

I am still 'sitting' on my decision about the bricks, and I have had mixed comments about what to do about it. Part of me wants that section of the wall pulled down, and the brick in question replaced. Another part of me believes I am being far too pedantic and should just live with it, and not delay the build any longer than is absolutely necessary. I will certainly let my CSA and SS know that I have issues, but possibly willing to overlook it.

Yesterday, the chippies were back to fix up a couple of things. I had noticed a huge pile of saw dust in the rubbish cage. Parts of the frame have been planed, and others have had 5mm packing stapled to it....all to make it even for the plaster board to go on. Hopefully, it's all standard practice, but will check with the SS at our 'lock-up' meeting. Sections of particle board have also been attached to parts of the frame to make a nice even surface for the plaster board (or maybe it's instead of the gyprock, and the wood will be painted...). These areas include the opening to the entrance hall where a bulk head will be, the opening to the lounge and the dining (no doors), and also the opening to the family/meals/kitchen from the hallway. We are having doors here, though!

The chippies also did a wonderful job of sweeping the floors! They are lovely and grit free now!

The bricking continued along the long wall, the front facade, into the garage and they began work on the alfresco roof supports.

First of the window sills go in:

They have even installed the vent (spider entrance point...) for the powder room exhaust fan above the laundry door. I must remember to spray surface spray here periodically:

They've bricked all the way around now! This is on the south wall:

We arrived late at the house this evening, and the sun had all but set (bring back day light savings for the sake of house photo taking opportunities!), so the pics aren't terribly good...but you get the idea!

This is the part that MUST be perfect. It is the front, and the section that will not be rendered:

I took a trip up stairs tonight, as I didn't yesterday, and we have a bath frame!!

This is in the kids bathroom. We deleted the bath in our ensuite to make the WIR and shower larger. We could have changed it over to a spa, but we wouldn't use it for what we would have to have paid for it. We thought about re-sale value...but we plan on staying here for at least 25 years, so re-sale value does not enter the equation at all. I'd much rather have stone benches and gorgeous bricks than a spa in the ensuite that overlooks our neighbours kitchen!

So, here she is tonight in the dark with the sun setting behind her. Notice anything different??

Compare with this picture:

HINT: Look at the 2 windows above the 'not yet built' garage...They match!! Whoo Hoo!!! Would you believe I was so focused on the bricks I didn't even notice as I was standing looking up at her. I only realised once I had the photos open on my computer...

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