Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Final invoice received.

Yesterday we received our final invoice and a letter detailing our New Home Inspection appointment and what will happen next! With any luck it will all run fairly smoothly and we will have the keys soon. A lot will depend on what we find 'wrong' or in need of fixing, and how soon they can get it all done before we re inspect for our handover appointment. So the next few weeks are an uncertainty and will prove to be busy yet again.

Roll on term 4 so I can collect my thoughts and unpack and decorate at ease without too much hanging over my head!

On my drive by this morning, there was yet another tradie's vehicle in the drive way. idea who it is or what they are doing, but the render is still missing from the linea band just below the gable on the portico! So maybe that will be done today!

I'm excited to be going back in the house tomorrow, but have not had much time to prepare at all. I've made a list of all the things on the exterior we can see we are not happy with, but no idea of the interior. Must not forget to pack the light globes!


A-M said...

Oh she is just so beautiful. You must be beside yourself with excitement! ... enjoy your final inspection. Believe it or not, we never had one as we were on site everyday and well frankly... my site supervisor should not be supervising houses. We are hoping all our defects will be covered in the six month inspection or by the BSA, who have been notified of our predicament. Your builders have given you a dream run... I am so pleased to see your perfect, majestic home, just waiting to welcome it's happy new family! A-M xx

Dave & Paula said...

Hi Stormy,

It just looks so great. Well done, and congratulations on your beautiful home. Good luck with the next steps-hope all goes smoothly.


Toni said...

oh I missed PCI :-( Hope it went well yesterday. The photo on this post of the facade is just lovely. Looks like you get some nice shade from trees too.

Hope yesterday went well and that there weren't too many issues to be fixed up.

Won't be long, great to see that they beat the 3rd Dec handover by a few months.

Enjoy :-)

p.s I met a lovely lady from Paris yesterday, I won something off her via ebay. If you want her details to visit her business at Bayswater Nth let me know. She imports from Paris and sells to shops here (left overs go on ebay).

stormygirl said...

Thankyou A-M! Won't be long, PCI went very well, just haven't had time to update the blog in between ballet concerts, 40th Birthdays and cross country events! We have been blessed with fabulous tradies and a professional SS. Couldn't have asked for better!

Thanks Paula, 2 weeks and we'll have the keys!!

Thanks Toni! 66 items to attend to, but they are all minor and mostly paint touch-ups. If you could email me her shop addy that would be fabulous! You know me and the mere mention of the word 'Paris'! LOL!