Monday, August 31, 2009

New Home Inspection.

Our new Home Inspection, or PCI, was last Thursday, and we are very happy with the outcome.

There were 66 items on the list, but most are tiny little paint imperfections that are easily rectified. Other items on the list included:

* 3 privacy locks needed adjusting (as in they didn't work!)
* a grout defect in the laundry (dirt in the grout)
* dining room heating vent on crooked
* window frame scratches
* screw end through the pantry shelving in a noticeable position
* patchy paint in living room (entire walls will be repainted)
* paint over spray on most kitchen handles
* few scratches on the stair balusters
* couple of proud floor screws in the TV area
* paint drops on the tiles around bath and on window sill
* scratched handle on toilet door
* missing render (exposed metal edging) on the RHS portico pillar
* repaint beading on exterior laundry door (the glass had already been replaced due to scratches)
* Mortar blow outs
* scratched downpipe brackets
* rubber seal issue on a window
* wonky roof tiles on back of garage above external door
* extra weather seal on garage door so it actually works!
* hole in slab edge of garage behind rear door.

Without a fine tooth comb, most of these things would really not have been picked up as the place really does look fabulous! We checked around all the vanities and basins and it's all neat and tidy (including the caulking). All the taps work, plumbing doesn't leak (although we must check again once the hot water is in as the heat can expand the seals and then leaks can show up), all the toilets flush and re fill correctly, all the wiring is correct (the three light globes we bought along came in handy!), all the power points work and the tiles in both showers are smooth and drain away...yes I took off my shoes and socks and dragged my feet along all the tiles!

In my last post, I mention the Tradies cars in the driveway, well I was very pleased to see the linea band under the gable on the portico had finally been rendered! Yes, my SS didn't realise it was supposed to be, but when the handover supervisor did his inspection he picked it up and organised the renderers straight away:

Most defects were little minor paint imperfection:

Powder room all finished, complete with mirror, basin, taps, toilet and accessories:

OK, had to be done, but this is the only one as the other 2 are exactly the same! At least the lid is down! ;-) :

Close up of the basin and taps (which I hate...):

Under the laundry trough. Nice neat concealed plumbing and a hole for the washing machine hoses to fit through to join the taps:

The dirt or 'something' grouted into the floor in the laundry:

The kitchen sink. I'm going to have to get used to washing the dishes around the 'wrong' way!!

Our lovely big ensuite double vanity, with plenty of space for my apothecary jars:

Ensuite shower and towel ladder:

Close up of the same basins and taps in the ensuite, and the shiny Caesarstone:

We are very happy with our 'better than display home quality' house! We are just looking forward to making it our home. I actually didn't take as many photos as I had expected, because I was too busy looking at every finer detail! The whole inspection took 3 hours anyway! Our Supervisor for the inspection was lovely and very patient, and even helped us put in the light globes! On the whole it was a very positive experience and we look forward to our re inspection this Friday 4th September to check all the items have been addressed.

There was every possibility that we could have had the keys this coming Friday, as the house will be ready, but the bank needs 10 working days to carry out their valuation so they can release the final payment. We have asked the bank to have our cheque ready to pick up on Thursday 10th, making our handover on Friday 11th!

That's 11 days away!!!

This is what I have booked so far:

* 14th Telstra trenching
* 15th - 18th timber and carpet install
* 21st - 22nd truck for clearing the storage unit

...and I'd like to book the appliances and heating install on the 24th or 25th, then we can move in properly!!


Annie said...

hey this is a great post thanx, and we have our stuff in a storage unit too, I thought we were the only ones! haha

Petal said...

Congratulations, stormy - you'll be in before you know it!!! :-)

Your home looks stunning, and I know you'll have it looking absolutely superb inside as well, once you get in.

All the best for Friday - K & J say 'Hi!" :-)

Oh, and there's a new shop near here that you "need" to know about (DH mught not think so!!!)

stormygirl said...

Thanks Annie! Yeah, 90% of our belongings went in storage as our tiny temp accom is fully furnished. Not without the dramas though....the whole lot had to be pulled out back in March when our storage unit flooded, all our furniture and books had to be dried out here in the garage, clothes and linen rewashed (about 20 boxes). NEVER AGAIN!!

Thanks Petal! Lovely to hear from you, and please say "Hi" to K and J and their families from me! I can't believe I am finally at this stage!

Please email me the shop I need to know about! I'm always looking for new places to have a look in :-). I passed several in Richmond on Church St, and haven't had the time to go back and have a proper look. You know me and shopping! ;-)

Thanks for dropping by!!