Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More Progress!

It's been a busy few days and I haven't had much time to update the blog...sorry!

Last Friday saw the rendering of the linea bands on the front facade in our chosen colour 'Paperbark'. Still waiting for the colour coat to go on the remainder of the portico, though. I believe it's supposed to happen this week, but the guttering/eaves and fascia needs to be fixed on the left side before the remainder of the rendering can be done.

Not sure if they will have another coat, as this one under the eaves looks a little 'light on' where it finishes. I'll make a note to point that one out at our Inspection (if it hasn't been fixed!):

Sorry for the distorted image, but the only way to get all of the portico in is to use a wide angle! I can't stand back far enough with the rubbish cage and temp fence in the way! :

I did notice something after I had taken the photos of the rendering, and was viewing them on the PC. The A/J (Articulation or expansion join) that runs along side one of the windows in bedroom 2 has not been filled with the coloured putty/silicone 'goop' above the window. I had a look at all my other photos of the A/J's and noticed that the one above one of the Master Bedroom windows has been filled. I'm sure it's just an oversight, so I sent a couple of photos to my CSA to let my SS know.

Here's a clearer (although fuzzier) crop of the same photo:

I also discovered a tile on the alfresco roof which isn't sitting flush with the rest of them:

A couple of other things to add to the list of things to check at our PCI, but both an easy fix.

A closer view of the garage workings (this time not taken with a mobile!):

...and one for the brick lovers!!

This week started off really well, with both the sparky and chippy installing things. I did drive by several times during the day, and after the afternoon school run they were still there so I couldn't have a peek through the windows. My Husband did on his way home and discovered holes in the ceilings and walls for the lights and power points, and all the external junction boxes were attached. I also have a rangehood in the kitchen fully installed!

Today, again, I drove past twice and saw the plumbers there in the morning and the chippy this afternoon. I was going to go down again at around 4:30 to finally see my rangehood, but it was pouring, and my 'site shoes' were in the back of the 'other' car. By the time the 'other' car returned home it was dark. At least I didn't get wet and muddy, but I still haven't seen my rangehood :-(

Tomorrow, for sure...


Jo said...

You know I'm a brick lover lol, but I think my favourite thing about your house is the front doors. Great choice to go black! They look so classic and grand. Beautiful!

stormygirl said...

Thankyou Jo! Just the look I was after 'Classic and Grand'! It will all tie in nicely with the black lights I have planned for the portico pillars and the black metal work in the front fence.

That last brick photo is probably the closest they look in the 'real', I absolutely love them (but you knew that already!)lol!

The Project Manager said...

Hi Stormygirl! Your blogsite is awesome. We're in the process of renovation as opposed to building from scratch, but your site is both interesting and informative. Thanks!

stormygirl said...

Hi Project Manager (love your name!), I'm glad you find my blog informative! Best wishes for your renovation, and thanks for stopping by!

Toni said...

Great shot of the doors Stormy, they look great. Just realised that a Cremorne blog I follow have the same but painted in a deep red. Nice to see something different too ;-)

Good to see more progress, 18th is not far away.........

John,Tarin and The Kids said...

Hey stormy,
Your place is looking Awesome. :) not long to go and you will be in your home :D


John,Tarin and The Kids said...

The place is looking FAB:)
not long to go hunny
Taz & John