Monday, June 22, 2009

Front doors are in!

Finally, some more work on the facade to take photos of since I have no access inside until Friday...only 4 more sleeps ;) !

...only you'll just have to image they are glossy black!

The renderer is still MIA. I know he doesn't like to do it when there is any chance of rain on the forecast, but today was a gorgeous sunny day in Melbourne. Perhaps he is finishing someone else's. Anyway, he has 'roughly' 10 weeks to complete it (give or take 2 weeks)...

I can't wait to get back inside! I'm sure I'll be just like a kid let loose in a lolly shop!


John,Tarin and The Kids said...

Oh boy! come on I wanna see your insides :P i cant see what colours you have chose.
T and J

Ismail Mogal said...

Hi Stormy,

Good progress!

My Land getting settled earlier than expected 30 June(Hopefully and will get $1000 from developer), and tender is booked at 7th July.
I have been asking quite few question to my CSA, she is kind of getting cranky now. Isn't her job to help customers.
Anyhow, just wondering is this CSA will be till handover or can we change if we don't like her.
Another question is what are batts rating. I am upgrading R2 for walls and R3 for celing going to cost $1100 and also having sound batts. CSA advised not much difference from R2 to R2.5?

Thank you.
Will start blog soon...

stormygirl said...

Thanks Tarin, only 2 more sleeps until I can see my insides too! Colours are very neutral, so I can add spalshes of colour with accessories. I wanted to be brave and have some colour, but thought I might get sick of it quickly, so I was very 'safe'!

Hi Ismail, Congrats on the land settlement! I have dealt with 6 different Admin staff at Henley. My current one (until the end of this week) has been for the longest, and has been wonderful and very helpful. I had no choice in who my CSA's were at the time, and sad to loose my current one. Only a couple more months, though!
We waited until the 5 star rating before we upgraded our insulation, just incase Henley might have had to have done it themselves to pass the 5 star rating. They didn't, so we went for R2 in the walls and R4.1 in the ceiling. many of our walls were sound proofed using R2 soundscreen batts. I can't recall our prices off the top of my head, but that sounds about right. I remember there was a huge jump in price from R2 to the thousands (if I recall correctly).