Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Fridge and Couches.

Yesterday, my couches were delivered to Mum and Dad's where they will safely be stored, wrapped in plastic until we move in. I won't get to see them for over a week!

Freedom have been fantastic at prolonging the delivery as long as possible. I ordered them back in January when they were on sale! I still have arm rest covers to come as I ordered them later...once I knew they even existed!

Also on sale was the fridge we have had our eye on for several years! It should fit in the space perfectly (all going to plan), so this morning I put a deposit down on it, and can cancel the order (and use the deposit for another fridge or Dyson etc) if it doesn't fit when I measure the space next Friday.

Although it's not terribly large, we will still have our 12 year old 'upside down' fridge in the garage where we can store things we don't necessarily need on a daily basis, and our party food (large pavlovas and Christmas turkeys!) and drinks! I think with careful planning and storage, both the freezer and fridge will be perfect! Also with the added bonus of filtered cold water and ice on tap. The shop will warehouse it until delivery, which could be up to 4 months away. With any luck, it will only be about 10 weeks! I'm very happy to have saved over $770 on it!

I have just received our weekly update from our CSA. Everything's going really well and the fixing carpenter should be finished this week. Which means all my doors, architraves, skirtings and cabinets are in! I also discovered that the house is now 72% complete! We are now into week 20 of the build, and according to Henley, 63 working days (no weekends/holidays etc), and we haven't had any rain delays which has been fantastic! The painter has been pushed back until the 3rd July. This could take 2 weeks max, then the tilers are due in, which could also take 2 weeks. After that the fit off should begin, which could take about 2 weeks as well. Then the last 2 weeks will be inspections and checks before a possible handover. So, in an ideal world, we could be looking at being in in 10 weeks! Of course, I still anticipate about 12-14 weeks! It has been a smooth build so far, but I guess now the fixtures and features are the most important part, and if they are not 'right' then there will invariably be delays.

At least we should be in by Christmas!! ;-)


Paul said...

Nice fridge. I think it's the same as the one I want - the Westinghouse 600L Stainless Steel. It's very, very noice!!!!

stormygirl said...

Yes it is Paul! It's the finger print resistant stainless steel too, so great for 'non' cleaning constantly! Email or PM me on H1 if you want the details of where I got mine from. ;-)

Ismail Mogal said...

Good to know about the progress.
I think my wife too wants similar fridge, and with a fridge tap point we are having it will make things easy.
what is your url on H1?

Houman Tarash said...

They look great, after we install the fridge (Samsung), we noticed that the water is not chilled and it is basically tap temperature, but still great convenient with filtered water. And ready Ice is the best thing.
Just another recommendation from me, make sure that the fridge space is perfectly straight, we put ours in, and level the fridge, but the walls are not straight and on an angle, does not look very nice. check our blog, with one of the pictures where the Fridge is, you will see on the bottom the fridge is nice tight fit and on the top we have about 70mm space!!!

A-M said...

Gorgeous couches and fab fridge! So pleased to hear all is moving along. Not long now! A-M xx

John,Tarin and The Kids said...

I am so frigging jealous... You are almost at the end of this beautiful part of your journey.

Congrats hunny bunny

Dave & Paula said...

Hi Stormygirl,

Have been watching your blog with interest. You are at about the same progress as we are. We're building the Ambassador 483 in Melbourne's West. We bought a fridge similar to this nearly 2 years ago when we started the building process with another builder. We're still waiting to use it!! We have a water point in the new house so waiting anxiously. Pic on blogspot.


stormygirl said...

Hi Ismail,

Can't wait to have the ice and cold water on tap! Saves opening the door all the time. My nic on H1 is Stormy.

Hi Houman,

Your place is looking great and I hope you have settled in well and are happy and satisfied with the final result. I will most definitely be making sure the fridge space is straight...along with just about every other wall! SS is on the ball and I have every faith in him.

Hi A-M,

Thanks! Not long now at all, and I'm getting very excited to see it all come together!

Hi Tarin,

You will be in long before we are! Your place is looking amazing!

Hi Dave and Paula,

Great to see another Henley blogger! I have added you to my reading list so I can keep up! Your house is looking fabulous! Good luck with it all! Lovely staircase! ;-)