Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Garage roof tiles.

On my morning drive-by I bumped into my SS on site and stopped for a very quick chat (it was freezing and raining!). I asked a few questions about what was next on the agenda and whether there were any 'problems' with the plaster. There are a few, but certainly nothing out of the ordinary, and all will be addressed. My guess is it's possibly the frame that might be slightly out of whack in a few places, and the plaster tends to show every little thing that's not quite right! The fixing carpenter/s is away at the moment (not sure when he/they are getting back...), but the tiles are due to go on this week. Rendering cannot happen while it's raining, and for once, it's raining in Melbourne! I'm actually not too concerned about the render. Just as long as it's done prior to handover, it doesn't matter when. It's actually probably better if it is delayed, just so it doesn't get knocked or wrecked by other trades, as render cannot be patched successfully.

I also asked my SS whether he was willing to give an approximate time until handover. I suggested somewhere between 12 to 16 weeks, and he replied sooner, rather than later! It is still too early to tell, as there is still quite a bit to organise with several different trades. He will have more of an idea once the painters are in. Not sure when that will be!

Considering the showery weather today, I didn't pack my camera and I thought twice about driving by after the school pick-up...but I did anyway! I was gobsmacked to see the garage roof tiles had been done! But, no photos until tomorrow morning...sorry! Very impressed at the tradies my SS prefers to use! The brickies worked in the rain back in April, and the roofing guys did it today! Thanks fellas!!

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