Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We're Plastered!!!

Hehe...couldn't resist! I've waited a long time to be able to say that!!

It was another very productive day yesterday. When I drove past in the morning, there was a van in the driveway, but I couldn't see much action happening inside the house. It wasn't until I went past at around 3pm, that it was all systems go!

I was very surprised to see the guttering and the fascias had been installed on the garage, and also the scaff was in place ready for the tilers.

I didn't dare go near the house, as someone was throwing out the offcuts of plaster out the MB window and onto the ground below! From what I could see, they had done the top storey, and were still working on the bottom. I took a few pics, then left and decided to go back later. I did, at around 5pm, and they were still there!!! No such luck for a 'stalk walk'. Never mind!

Today, on my morning visit, there were no vans in the driveway, so I quickly had a look through the windows in the dining and family rooms. There were plastered walls!! I went round the back and was surprised to see the stacker door ajar (so much for lock-up AGAIN!). I had a very quick look around the ground floor for fear of being sprung! I didn't venture upstairs, but will try and get a chance later this afternoon. I did manage to snap away at all that I could in my 2 minutes!

Family room from stacker door towards the curved stair wall:

Meals (under the window which we added) and the kitchen:

family room with ceiling not quite completed yet:

Dining room with ladder (stairs eventually...) and the door to the wine cellar:

Lounge room:

Entrance and the double front doors:

From the entrance looking back towards the family room:

Clean bricks!! Although they are still a little damp (no sun!):


The alfresco ceiling has been installed too:


Ismail Mogal said...

Hi Stormy,

Looks good, quite good progress from H.
Did they allowed you do wiring from your own Electrician?


stormygirl said...

Thanks Ismail!

No, we had to do all the wiring through Henley for the electricals, but all the network cabling was done by someone else, and we paid them directly. Henley won't allow any other tradies on site while they are building, with the one exception of the network cabler. They will allow people in to measure for carpets and curtains, but not to perfom any 'work'. We can't even get the Telstra trench dug until after handover...

Paul and Jason said...

Heya Stormy....which brand and type of brick are you using ? Like em !

stormygirl said...

Hey Guys,

Daniel Robertson's 'Hawthorn Tan Blend', but I've sent you a PM on the forums just to make sure you get the info!