Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We're Plastered Part 2.

No one on site today, so I was able to go back and have a look around up stairs after my very quick run around this morning.

TV area:

The curved wall for the stairs:

Back of the curved wall in bedroom 3:

Bedroom 2:

MB. Ensuite on the left, WIR around the corner to the right:

Ensuite and toilet to the left (separate room):


Master Bedroom. Ensute to left, WIR to the right:

Master Bedroom through to the main bathroom at the end. Ensuite to the right:

I can't believe they did all of this in one day! Amazing! I'm not sure what will be on the agenda next, nor when the plasterers are back to finish and install the cornice. Who knows, tommorrow I may have garage roof tiles!

We are very impressed with the consistant work so far. We'll be in before we know it!! Maybe I should begin to think about packing...


John,Tarin and The Kids said...

woot we are NECK and Neck :P that rocks :)
congrats on getting plastered :)

Toni said...

Wow! Amazing progress! How fantastic. I bet you are loving the plaster. How great is it to walk around the house with plaster? Good isn't it?

A-M said...

Determined to visit despite my SLOW internet connection. Went and made myself a coffee while your blog loaded up! Fabulous progress! How fast is your house build??!!! I think I have my bearings now. Your main bedroom is wonderful. I love the floor plan... so spacious yet interesting! LOVE the curved stairwell wall. I will be back soon when I'm on cable to catch up with all your news. A-M xx

stormygirl said...

Thanks Tarin! It will be interesting to see who gets their keys first! ;-)

Thanks Toni! Yes, loving the plaster, and it was wonderful to walk around the house with a proper idea of spaces without being able to see through walls into the other rooms!

Thanks A-M! We fell in love with the floorplan (and the curved wall) too! Thankyou for stopping by in amongst all your moving! Your home is just adorable! I am having PC issues and cannot seem to log into the 'comments' page on your blog, so I have been unable to leave any comments. I will send you an email once I return home from the long weekend!