Monday, June 1, 2009

Lower bricks cleaned and more batts.

Still no sign of the plasterers, but more batts were installed on Saturday, and the lower section of the bricks were given a clean today. The house was left unlocked again on Sunday, so that enabled us to have a good look around at the batts. They still hadn't quite finished, but it all looked pretty good!

Upgraded R2 batts for the walls. We could have upgraded to a maximum of R2.3, but that would have cost us over $1000! R2 will be fine, considering our old house had nothing...not even foil wrap!

We went for the maximum of R4.1 in the ceilings:

The meter box all wrapped up in the study ready for plaster:

We included R2 soundscreen batts to many internal walls to help deaden the noise between rooms. I really wanted to make sure we had it in between the bedrooms and the stair well, as well as the bedrooms and the bathrooms. Nothing worse than having a sleep in and being woken by someone having a shower in the next room!

Ceiling batts in the only single storey part of the house. The meals area and a small part of the family room. There is no access to the roof space here:

On my drive-by this morning, the plumber's van was there, and so was a ladder leading to the roof. Not sure what was going on, but could possibly have been to do with the evap cooling.

Later this afternoon, I returned and was interested to know why the garage roof trusses were dripping in water. It took me a few seconds to realise the lower part of the bricks had just been cleaned! There was water everywhere..IE I didn't venture far at all. They look fabulous..just a little wet!!

No news, either, on the crooked truss or the possum problem!


Ismail Mogal said...


Nice to read you blog, quite information and interesting. We are too in process of building with Henley at Tender stage now.

Was wondering about upgrade of wall/ceiling and sound Batts, will it make real difference.
Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.


stormygirl said...

Hi Ismail,

The upgrade of wall/ceiling batts should make a difference IMHO! Especially the ceiling. Our old house had nothing in the walls and only the blow in fluffy stuff in the ceiling. It was freezing in Winter and a furnace in Summer. It will certainly help, and the larger the R value the better. I don't know how effective the sound insulation will be, but if it dampens the noise between bathrooms, bedrooms, and stairwell then that can only be a good thing!

Good luck with your build!

Ismail Mogal said...
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stormygirl said...

Hi Ismail,

Yes, standard appliances are from Henley. These can easily be changed a little later if we are not happy, and decided to spend the money on other extras (Grand alfresco, CS benches, cooling, skirtings, roof tiles and brick and mortar upgrades) the things that are not so easily changed or added later! It will depend on what is important to you, and what your budget is!!

Also, I prefer to be known as 'Stormy' here for privacy reason! ;-) :-) Cheers!

Ismail Mogal said...
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Ismail Mogal said...

Thanks Stromy, makes sense.

stormygirl said...

No probs, Ismail. Best wishes for your build and I hope it all goes well!

Toni said...

Bricks look great Stormy. Nice to see all those batts in, worth every penny spent. Our house was has been really comfortable with both the heat and cold and it seems to retain alot of the warmth from the heater overnight. Are you getting evap or refrig. cooling?

Plaster next? How exciting!