Friday, May 29, 2009

Garage Roof and Wall Batts Part 2.

I arrived back at the house just after 3pm to find the gates open and no one on site. I grabbed the camera and took a few pics of the newly installed garage roof trusses. The chippies had to knock out a line of bricks in order to install the trusses, and the 11 'whole' bricks I could find (many were smashed) are now safely in the back of the car! Shhhh!

Not quite sure what to make of the crooked one, but will shoot off an email to my CSA Sunday night with this pic attached:

Impressed to see the trusses were made from MGP12 (Machine Grade Pine 12). The remainder of the house is a mix of F5 and MGP10. I haven't been close enough to the house roof trusses to see if they were MGP12...they could well be!

The guttering for the garage was also delivered today:

I walked around the side, peering into the dirty windows and discovered the walls covered in batts! I was greeted with this huge pile sitting in the alfresco:

I shouldn't have bothered to take photos through the dirty windows as the stacker door had been left ajar. So much for lock-up! Couldn't resist and had to go in for a look! The batts in the family room:

Batts in the lounge room:

And soundscreen batts around the stairs:

It has made all the difference, and it feels so cosy and not 'echoey' as it had previously. All the internal sound screen batts appear to be in the correct place around the ground floor. I was running out of time to go and look upstairs, but should get a chance sometime over the weekend. The job is not completed, though.

When my Husband checked on the way home from work, the garage internal door AND the front door where left unlocked!

Not looking as boxy anymore:


Jo said...

It facade just looks so beautiful. Not boxy at all to me. And the bricks just look better and better!

Love the curved wall, cannot wait to see it plastered.

John,Tarin and The Kids said...

Wow gal your speeding through now :) you will be in before you know it
I'm so excited for you

stormygirl said...

Thanks Jo! I'm a fan of the curved wall too! It will make the staircase a little more unique! The lower part of the bricks were due to be cleaned last week, hopefully it will happen soon!

Thanks Tarin! Speeding, but just as long as the tradies do a proper job! Good to see something happening almost every day! I still think about 4 months until handover. That way if it happens sooner we won't be disappointed ;-)