Friday, May 15, 2009

Bricking Finished!

The brickies have finished, packed up their stuff and gone home! The rest of the portico went up yesterday (they were still finishing it off at nearly 5pm), and the lintel was sitting in it's place for the brickwork above the garage. This morning when I went past, the last bricks were being put in place above the garage and the trailer was being packed up ready for the next job. We have approximately 6 pallets of bricks left, and I'm just waiting on confirmation from my CSA that we are able to move them to the back of the property this weekend so they won't be cleaned up with the next site clean due shortly! I really want the left over bricks for our front fence.

This afternoon when I drove past, the 'Cable Guy' was finishing up putting in an HDMI cable from the main TV area to the TV point in the Alfresco so we are able to watch DVD's out there as well. We also have some more plaster (although it's now sitting out in the rain...) and more tiles for the garage roof and wooden 'tile supports' to sit on the roof trusses for the tiles. Just no sign of the trusses, but they won't be able to be installed until the scaff comes down, and there are still a few jobs to tick off the list before they can do that. I also believe we have our evaporative cooling unit on the roof too, but I missed it, and I'll take some pics of it tomorrow!

These pics are from yesterday of the portico and garage door lintel:

And these are all I had time to take today before it started raining!

The portico all finished, and a glimpse of the 4 courses of bricks above the garage door:

The leftover pallets of bricks:

And the plaster out in the rain:

It's all happening!

An update from my CSA yesterday also confirmed that wall batts are due for around the 21st, and the plaster on the 27th! Lock-up (and the rather large invoice of a massive 35%) will be next week!!!

EDIT: On closer inspection of the supposed plaster out in the's actually the cement sheeting for the eaves! Oooops!! ;-)


A-M said...

Fabulous progress. Heres hoping your 'lock up' doesn't involve lumps of wood holding the windows shut! Oh the invoices are painful aren't they. I am fretting over my last one... there will be surprises for sure. Your bricks are just beautiful. The portico is sooo grand, yet elegant! A-M xx

stormygirl said...

Thankyou A-M! It has been a busy week! I'm sure the windows won't be held shut with lumps of wood, otherwise I won't be paying the invoice! :-) For the portico, I wanted something that was going to look grand, but not way over the top. This one will be simple, and should look lovely rendered, and with my black front doors in too!