Friday, May 22, 2009

New bricks ordered.

As the title suggests, yesterday I spent the morning chasing up my missing bricks. The Gentleman at Daniel Robertson's, who looks after the Henley houses/orders, spent a while with me discussing how many bricks I would roughly need for the 'proposed' fence for our property. He then placed an order for me for 1,360 bricks. It's going to cost me a little over $1,350. Not sure how much the labour to build the fence will cost, but we'll cross that bridge when the time comes along!

It was paramount that I act quickly on getting the bricks, as there is now a significant colour difference between batches. As suspected, my bricks are the 'old', more colourful batch (thankfully), and there is not nearly the vibrant colour variations in the 'new' batch. The new batch would look disgustingly obvious next to the house!!

Now that that has been taken care of, I can rest a little easier, especially since scouring the site yesterday for any brick remotely salvageable, and ending up with at least 30. They will be perfect for the footings.

Also yesterday on site, I noticed the powder room toilet plumbing had been removed and was sitting in the rubbish cage:

Upon further investigation, the outlet has been amended, and there is no longer a 'shelf' in it!

Here is how she looked in the fog yesterday morning:

Complete with freshly painted eaves:

I also noticed the cornice which has been sitting across the garage entrance door for over a week has been damaged:

It happens, I guess, and hopefully it will be easily patched (or better still, not used at all) on my walls!

This morning on my 'drive-by', there wasn't anyone there, but on my return journey this afternoon, the top storey of bricks had been cleaned! It was too dark to take any pics (and I didn't have my camera), so I will take some tomorrow morning after they have dried somewhat. They look fabulous though...but I always knew they would!

Still not officially at lock-up, but hopefully that will happen next week. The invoice will be a killer! We worked out that it will be MORE than what our first mortgage for the original house was!


DebCal said...

Hi Stormy,

I have recently been looking at your blog as I googled for DR BRICKS. We too are building with Henley and our slab went down last week. We are using a DR Hawthorn black blend 76mm down the side with a skinny 50mm accross the front. We have chosen a natural mortar and after seeing the 'reddish orangish' pile of sand on site I am starting to worry big time. Have you chosen the natural mortar option? and what profile? We chose flush profile with the natural colour mortar. Your house is looking amazing by the way and all the best.. Basically I want to know what the 'natural finish' of Henley looks like?

stormygirl said...

Hi DebCal,

We chose the upgrade option of Off white mortar, not the natural. Our profile is flush, so the same as yours. Henley only had the 2 colours of mortar when we did our colour selection, and even though the off white was an upgrade, I desperately wanted it!! If you have chosen the natural mortar, then a pile of 'reddish orange' sand sounds correct. To see a Henley house with natural mortar, please have a look at my "Blog List" on the left hand side of my blog, and click on "Our New Life" which is the second last on the list. You'll need to search through the archive to see their bricking. If I recall, their mortar is raked, so having flush (like mine), the mortar is a lot more obvious, and a feature in itself.

I adore the 50mm bricks, but the upgrade costs to have DR bricks and off white mortar in the first place was enough!! Best wishes, and would love to know what house and facade you decided on! Good luck!!