Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Very Productive Day.

What a few busy days it has been, in particularly, today. We can now cross off the list: Electrical rough-in, heating unit and ducts, alarm pre-wire and house bricked except for garage and portico.

Yesterday, the brickies finished around the sides of the house, and began on the front:

There was also a fresh delivery of sand and 3 (possibly 4) more pallets of bricks:

I received a call from my CSA on Tuesday to discuss the furry intruders! I suggested that I wanted to put some bait around the place as I didn't want them to chew through the wiring and possibly cause a fire if chewed wire was plastered up and no one knew about it. I was also concerned about the intruder getting plastered in the wall cavity, and having to live with the smell of a decomposing 'something' in a brand new house.

It was decided that I would leave the ratsack outside the porta loo for my SS to distribute around the place. So, site visit 1 today was around 10:30am to drop off the package!

I then received a phone call at about 2pm from my CSA explaining that my SS had put the baits around! I had queried on several occasions, if I could get the sparkies to put in an extra double power point in the laundry at bench height, and pay them on the day. It was suggested that it I'd have to go through head office and get the plans changed (meaning it could possibly cost me $500 for a PCV.) My CSA and SS gave me the OK to go on site and catch the sparkies before they finished the job and ask them to do it for me and pay them cash. Fantastic!

Site visit number 2 was to organise that! $65 later, and a $5 tip for being so accommodating at such short notice, and the deal was done!

Site visit number 3 was to sneak in and check on the wiring! I got down there just after 5pm as one of the tradies was packing up his car. I was 'hovering' out the front taking some pics and he wanted to know if I was the owner. I then asked him if he had installed the heating. He said, "No, I was installing the ducted vacuum". I looked very blankly at him and said, "But I'm not having ducted vacuum." I did actually pause for a nano second and thought maybe I shouldn't say anything in case I get it for free!!! His reply was, "I got you there for a minute, didn't I? I was installing the alarm!!" Drats.... ;-)

He said I was quite welcome to go in, and he wouldn't tell anyone!!! I did wander through, and was amazed at the mass of wiring and ducts everywhere! It was getting darkish, and difficult to take photos, so I will try and get there earlier tomorrow. One thing I did also notice, was the cold water point which was residing in the pot drawer has been moved to it's correct position in the fridge space!

The downpipe here Will have to be moved, as it will interfere with the light! According to the plans, the pipe should run down the wall quite close to the right edge of the brickwork, not in the middle:

Here is my first "Why the hell didn't I pick that up!" moment:

It's wired exactly according to the electrical plan, but why I didn't pick it up that it was not in the middle of the wall is beyond me! It's only a light, but I think I'll have to put a big pot/urn/plant thingy in the corner to balance the misaligned light...D'OH!

Lots of ducts and wiring:

All the front facade photos I took today were pretty average, being towards the sun. I'll just have to go back tomorrow morning and take some more while the brickies are there!


John,Tarin and The Kids said...

OME stormy your place is coming along now. I'm so jealous why cant my builder be as hard working as yours. And least you have jobs finished. grrr you will be in in no time G/fiend

J & T

A-M said...

Fantastic progress. If it is any comfort, I have had many, "why the hell didn't I pick that up" moments. Still having them. I also have a few dead rats lying around. Where do they come from?... and why are they attracted to new homes..... yuk!
Good work with the extra power point. I have been stalking my electricians all week, saying... "take that one out, don't really need it, "can we move this one over here and bog up the hole, doesn't look right". I am sure they are muttering things when I breeze out of there every morning. I have also realised that they like to be silent when they work. Having the owner sitting on the floor, putting together light fittings, chatting away....leads to some raised eyebrows...I catch them making fun of me! Rats about the almost accidental ducted vacuum! That would have been a pleasant mistake. A-M xx

stormygirl said...

Thanks Tarin. At least you have an idea of when you'll be in. I have none, and my SS won't committ to anything "Within contract time" is all he can say!! ;-). Things are happening quickly, but as long as they do things properly, that's all that matters!

Thanks A-M! I know there will be other "Why the hell didn't I pick that up" moments, infact I know another exterior light down the side isn't in the middle of 2 windows. It's not on the front, so it doesn't matter! It's only my neighbours who will have to look at it! Not sure about the rat problem. I didn't notice it until the scaff went up, and they are only on the top storey, so possibly they climbed up a tree? I have seen them around before. Yuck indeed! I was very lucky with the power point! I think that's the hardest part about going with a volume builder. Once the final drawings are signed, it's very difficult to change things. Things always look different on the actual house than what they do on a 2D piece of paper!

Paul and Jason said...

Stormy, a few things (cause I haven't read back that far):

(1) Where are you building ?
(2) What is the name/brand of bricks you're using ? We are looking for this similar mix as well.
(3) The tile name/brand ?
(4) What color are the gutters/downpipes...looks paperbark-y :)

stormygirl said...

Hi Paul and Jason,

1)I'm building in an established area of SE Melbourne (Not willing to post my suburb, but please feel free to PM me on Homeone, or email me directly!)

2&3) The bricks are 'Hawthorn Tan Blend 900HT by Daniel Robertson. Thier showroom is in Nunawading and well worth the visit. I'm happy to PM or email you some more details if you like!

4) Got it in one! Paperbark, they are! The windows are 'Merino' which is the equivalent of Paperbark. The downpipes will also be paperbark. It's a gorgeous warm colour that really compliments the bricks.

FYI, the mortar is flush off white!

I hope this helps! Once the scaff comes down I will do a whole post on my gorgeous bricks...I just love them, and well worth the upgrade!