Sunday, March 15, 2009


After all that we've been through I can't believe I am writing another post on one of the many disasters that we have encountered. This one, is rather large in comparison to all the other niggly issues.

Our storage facility flooded with all the rain Melbourne had yesterday, and impacted our unit severely. About 80% of our worldly possessions has been damaged by water. This includes 2 couches, 3 bookshelves (one which will end up at the tip), 1 antique bentwood chair (Wedding present), 1 colonial style baltic pine buffet (also a wedding present), countless boxes full of babies clothes, my clothes, linen, countless 'housy' magazines I wanted to keep and endless amounts of books. Thankfully, all of the important photo albums are here.

As they say, when it pours. In our case, it certainly did....right through everything. Words really can't describe how I feel right now. What the hell is going to happen next??


Mrs B said...

Stormy, I am so sorry that this has happened. Nothing can make you feel better at this stage but at least you know what items have been water damaged so hopefully you have a chance to save most of them before the mould sets in. When I feel really down about life stuff (and yes I yell at my kids too) I do some sort of physical activity, normally a really fast walk or house work. Anything to just get the adrenalin (sp) running through my system.
Good luck today with visiting your builder with a please explain letter. Make sure you get exactly what you want after everything you have gone through. Thinking of you today...and my big HUGS from me.
Mrs B

A-M said...

OMG, I could just cry for you right now Stormy. I am devastated for you. Did you have insurance? I am boxing up some beautiful replacement 'housy' magazines for you today. I will send them to you when you move into your beautiful new home. I'll get your address closer to your move. That's the only little thing I can do for you at this end, you poor thing, My thoughts are with you. A-M xx

Toni said...

Oh sorry to read this post. How devastating for you. It's one thing that you didn't need to happen on top of everything else. It seems to be a common problem, my sister lost a lot of belongings in a storage shed at Mitcham when she sold her house last year. Sorry that you have had to go through this as well. I really truly hope that the most sentimental things can be salvaged. Wedding presents etc are irreplaceable, I hope they are okay. Take care. Toni