Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What a bargain!!!

I went shopping again today, surprise, surprise, but I found myself an absolute bargain!!!

I decided to go to one of my favourite shops today Town and Country Style in Bentleigh, which is their seconds shop. I have seen many things I could buy here at drastically reduced prices, and today I couldn't resist!

A few months ago, I had been to their main shop in High Street, Armidale, and drooled over a gorgeous sofa table. The price tag was rather extravagant at $1610....mmm, as nice as it is...I don't think so!

Today, in Bentleigh, there she was with the price tag of...wait for it...$400. For an almost 2 metre long painted, with stripes, table? Surely not! I queried the price, and indeed it was correct. This particular piece is not damaged, and does not have to be 'paid cash' for (like most of their other stock), as it is now discontinued. The Sales Assistant let me know that there were 4 left, and she had sold 2 yesterday. Mmmm...thinking long and hard...I made a quick phone call to Mum to see if she could 'table sit' it for me, and the deal was done!!

It will either go in the entrance hall where it will fit nicely, or in the lounge as a sofa table. If it goes in the entrance, the other table I bought will fit either in the lounge or dining. I have plenty of space, and many things to put on both tables (lamp, bird cage, flowers, urns, get the drift!).

I also have been looking at a white phalaenopsis orchid. A good quality 'fake' to buy already potted in a decent pot is around the $200. I did see one in Freedom I was close to buying, but have been looking a little further. I've decided to make my own, as there is a great artificial flower supplier near me that has some fabulous things...including moss and exposed roots for a more 'authentic' look. I have found the perfect 'pot' too, it's a cast iron french oval trough. This with all the other supplies should come in at under $100. That's a project a little further down the track...

Today was the first day since site start that I haven't walked around the site after the tradies had gone home. They have been working solidly with the roof, and also installed some more bracing board around the front elevation windows. the major change today, was the building of the portico!


A-M said...

What a great buy! Certainly below cost....I love these sorts of stories! Your portico looks great! Yep some days the 'stalk walk' isn't necessary! A-M xx

Mrs B said...

What a bargain Stormy and such a nice piece of furniture. Lucky you have people to baby sit all your furniture! We have ours spread over 4 houses as well.
Bring on the bricks I say!
Mrs B

stormygirl said...

Haha...the 'stalk walk'! I love it, A-M!! The portico will look much nicer once bricked and rendered...can't wait!

Mrs B, most of ours is in storage, some here in temp accom, and some at another house. My problem is I keep byng it and having to find places to keep it! Hopefully it will all have been moved by Christmas!

Not sure when the brickies are starting, but I can't wait to see them!