Thursday, March 19, 2009

Roof complete and plumbing 'rough in' done.

Yesterday saw the roofing fellas finish up tiling and pointing the roof, and the plumber finally came to lay all the water pipes, sewerage drains and gas pipes through the walls.

The roof looks fabulous, but, of course, being so high up it's difficult to take a good photo of it! I only had about 5 minutes yesterday to take some pics (when they weren't there), but should have a good chance this afternoon to have a good look around.

What a mess!!!

Good to see the plumber finally arrived after failing to do so on the Friday before the long weekend! One of the first things I noticed during my very quick walk around, was the capped water point for the fridge 'appears to be' in the wrong spot. Now I will use those terms as there might be a very good reason for it, but to my untrained's wrong! Here are some pics to help explain why it looks wrong...

The frame is for the fridge space and the oven tower, as to the very bottom left of the pic is the opening for the pantry. The next pic is of the kitchen elevation drawing showing the space for the oven tower and the fridge. The capped water point 'appears to be'...OK, it's wrong... in the pot drawer below the wall oven. Somehow, I don't believe my cake tins will know how to make ice...

Now, in saying this, it may have been put there so it doesn't protrude into the fridge space, so the fridge doesn't stick too far out into the kitchen, but flush with the wall. There is a small space behind the pot drawer and the oven to allow for ventilation, but it would also mean it was more difficult to get to to attach to the fridge in the first place!

I am still waiting to hear back from my CSA as to a date for on 'official' on site meeting with the SS. The sooner this gets sorted the better. Would be nothing worse than having the plaster on and then realising it 'appears to be' wrong.

Here are some more pics of the plumbing. The position of the back-up gas hot water service (solar mostly), but I assume all the hot water will be stored here? Not sure!

The maze of waste pipes from the bathrooms and toilets upstairs. Hopefully, they will never burst!!

Remember this 'thing' I had no idea what it was?

The mystery has been solved! It turns out to be half a pipe under the slab for the water pipes to go through to the island bench in the kitchen. This...

...becomes this!!

I just hope they have them connected around the right way!

No action on site this morning on my drive by, but no time to stop today. I am up to about my 10th load of washing, and am madly hanging everything up where ever I can find space. The garage has been taken over by wet books and furniture, and the courtyard has wet magazines strewn all over it. Slowly, but surely we are getting there. I'm just not looking forward to the next water or electricity bill.

I also dropped off a letter to the CSA manager, requesting she rectify the official dates for our site start and completion, as requested on the 27th January in a meeting with her. I wonder if I'll get a phone call from her...


The Browns said...

OH MY! G/friend the place is flying :) you must be really excited.You have come leaps and bounds well done

A-M said...

Oh Stormy, things are moving fast! I am so pleased that you are getting there... and fast! Hope most of your shed stuff can be salvaged. A-M xx

Toni said...

Great post Stormy. I'm so pleased to see so much progress.....but probably not as pleased as you.

Hope the past few days have been easier for you. At least the weather has been nice to get all that washing dried in.

How's the furniture drying out?