Monday, March 2, 2009

First time through second storey.

I had been back and forth about 3 times today, and they were making steady progress on the walls for the second storey. I spoke to the 'head chippie' and voiced my concerns at the forecast of severe winds for tomorrow. He said there is no chance of the frame falling down and smashing into any neighbouring houses, but I'll still be worried! There are a lot of potential projectiles lying around the site, not to mention 2 piles of windows ready to be installed, that could easily be damaged by flying debris. Time will tell...

The roof trusses arrive tomorrow, and will be erected (weather permitting), as there are only 3 internal walls to add, those being the staircase curved wall and the 2 wardrobes adjoining it. Fingers crossed that the wind isn't as bad as predicted...but I won't hold my breath.

The gates were left open this evening, and some scaffolding had been delivered. I'm thinking this is most likely for the roof, so the gutters, fascia and tiles can go on once the trusses are up. The chippies have to be finished by Friday, as the plumbers are coming for the rough in!!

The stair void has now been sealed with temp scaffolding, and a ladder:

The upstairs TV area for the kids. These windows had to comply with RESCODE and have frosted glass due to the over looking issue:

The 'Void' next to my Son's wardrobe for the ducted heating to go downstairs:

View from the bathroom window into the family room below(which may have a roof tomorrow!):

There is a biggish gap between 2 particle boards in the TV area. I'm not sure if it is for expansion and will be filled, but I will take it up with the SS at our 'official' meeting:

The WIR...bigger than any wardrobe I've ever had before!:

Where upstairs frame does not meet a joist:

Fingers crossed for tomorrow and the severe weather, I'm not looking forward to it...for once.


Mrs B said...

It looks Fantastic Stormy and soooo much room! I think we are all a bit concerned about the strong winds tomorrow but I'm sure your house will be secured enough and nothing blows about. It is so good to see that the builders have been on site every day...Like you when I am home, I could go past 4-5 times just to make sure they are still there! Enjoy every minute of your house build it is just so exciting.
Mrs B

A-M said...

OMG it's going up so fast! What are you putting in those carpenters morning coffees!!!? I hope you will be alright in the forecast winds. They make these frames cyclone proof these days! A-M xx

stormygirl said...

Thankyou so much girls! Yes it is going up fast, and fantastic to see them working everyday. With the plumbers scheduled for Friday, they will have to be finished! It's raining a little as I type, and slightly windy, just hope it doesn't get much worse...though I think it will...

Very exciting!

The Browns said...

It makes you feel so good when that second story is one :)
im sure it will be all ok with the winds and all
cant wait for more pics