Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stop Work!

Well, after 1 day working last week (Tuesday), the brickies have gone to finish off another job, and won't be back until some stage this week...with any luck. They then go on holidays for Easter, so it looks as though bricking won't be finished and lockup achieved until the end of April. Oh well! The build was actually a week ahead of schedule, but now looks as though they may fall behind. Hopefully, they'll catch up again and we can be at handover before the end of contract!

I had another accidental meeting with the SS on site last Friday when I went to visit and noticed his car parked out the front! He was upstairs measuring walls and checking out a few other things. I chatted to him for about 20 minutes about a few issues I had (that I could remember!). My main area of concern is still the slab, and I mentioned to him that it was filled with levelling compound in the completely wrong spot to what we measured a few weeks ago. He said he would look into it that day, but I will still get him to measure it again in a few different areas this Friday when we have our first 'official' meeting!

He mentioned that the plumbers have to come back as a cold water point is in the wrong spot. A-Ha, I thought! "Is it the fridge one that's actually in the pot drawer?" I asked! His answer was "Yes." So, my suspicions were correct, and I can now use 'wrong' instead of 'appears to be'! ;-)

Apparently, the broken tiles happened when they removed the scaffolding for the roof. I actually can't remember seeing them straight after it had been taken away, but I may have missed it. Anyway, they will be fixed so nothing to worry about!

My SS also let me know that he had no trouble with us coming to the site and having a look around on weekends or evenings. He said that if there was anything that 'appeared to be incorrect', or something we weren't happy with, to ring or email the office straight away. Phew! That was a relief! A lot of SS don't like the owners snooping around all the time, so I was very appreciative to hear this!

We also had a discussion on the bricks and bricklayers. I pretty much told him I was fussy with the blending and hoped they did a good job! Apparently, these brickies mostly use Daniel Robertson bricks, and most of the houses the SS builds are with DR's, so every care would be taken to blend them carefully. More relief!! He also said that he could organise other brickies in place of the ones that have gone to finish another house (which I have the address for so I can look at the workmanship!), but he would prefer to use the ones he knows and man! So it may take a little longer, but knowing I have tradies that the SS has used before and trusts really puts my mind at ease! It still won't stop me from 'snooping' around almost can you not!

So despite chatting for 20 minutes on Friday, we will still have our meeting this Friday, as previously scheduled as there are still a couple of other things on my 'list'!

Friday night, at around 7pm, we received a phone call from our CSA (who was still in the office), to let us know she was going on holidays this week, and wouldn't be available. That was lovely for her to let us know, especially considering it was so late! All in all, considering only 1 full day of work was done on the house last week, it was nice to know we weren't forgotten!!


southies said...

You are so fortunate to have a SS who actually communicates! That certainly makes up for delays here & there.....atleast you know why! No dragging the info out of him!!

Mrs B said...

Hi stormy
Your bricks are beautiful btw! I cant wait to see them all clean and finished. It sounds like they are trying to do the right thing by you by keeping the communication lines open. Its good to know that you havent been forgotten and hopefully those brickies will be back in the next few days. I cant wait for you to be at lock up!
Mrs B

Toni said...

Your SS sounds great. You are very lucky to have one that has great communication. Hope that continues for you through out the build.

Shame about the delay with the bricking. Hope they get the other job finished asap and get back to your place. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Have you heard anything about the contract date?

stormygirl said...

Thanks Southies, and yes, I think I am fortunate with the SS. I was told pre start that he was one of the best!

Mrs B, I can't wait to see them finished and cleaned either! Lock up will still be about 4 weeks away.

Thanks Toni, no letter with the correct contract date yet, but no phone call either! No news is good news...I hope, but I have been stung with that before...