Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Roof trusses arrive, and installation almost complete.

Despite the horrific winds, dust, falling gum nuts and drizzle today in Melbourne, the chippies were at it again! The roof trusses were delivered...

...and the next 3 photos show the progress during the day (including bracing board around the front door, and scaffolding:

The curved wall and wardrobes of the adjoining bedrooms were framed up as well:

Not sure where these are going, but I'd imagine they either form part of the family/meals or the alfresco:

The long view down the hallway from the stair case (or ladder at this stage!). Looking from the street, the upstairs MB window did not sit in line with the double front door frame. I hadn't picked it up before, and I started to panic a little. It wasn't until I had a look from the inside that the bracing board around the frame hasn't been cut off on the right side. Panic over:

To finish off, the view down the north wall. The laundry door, large lounge room window and right down the end is the meal area window:

The chippies still have a bit of work to do before Friday. The remaining roof trusses need to be installed, the rest of the bracing board around the windows and build the frame for the portico and the alfresco, as well as the roof trusses for these areas. Could be interesting with the forecast 'rain' for Melbourne. Does anyone remember what 'rain' is??


Toni said...

Great progress Stormy! Your chippies are working at a great pace. You must be so pleased.

Rain......well I woke up to it this morning (and not a breath of wind around) and then we had a downpour tonight. I just hope my windows get washed, the hebel next door has given them a good coating.

I thought of you tonight when I was putting my 6yo to bed, she is reading "Storm the Lightning Fairy" from the Rainbow Magic books. At first I thought it said Stormy and thought how appropriate!

stormygirl said...

I'm dying to buy that book for my daughter, but she wants the dance fairies books first! I laughed when I first saw the book in a shop!

Very pleased at the chippies, they have done extremely well! Not looking forward to the muddy mess on site tomorrow...

A-M said...

OMG look at that, you have a house!!!! It all happened sooooo fast, you must be so excited. I am so glad that things have finally starting happening for you... makes up for all the frustration at the beginning. I cringe every time it threatens to rain up here now as I still don't have exterior sheeting up the full sides of the house! A-M xx