Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It has begun. We've been scraped!!!!

I was most impressed this morning on my daily trip to the block. Not a sign of anyone, anywhere, but I was astonished to see the block had been scraped, cut and filled!!! Yippee! So, this begins week 1 of our already rather long journey. I took a few pics with my compact, but then I had to go back later with the DSLR..and the kids!

I also received a call from Henley today, letting me know that the cut had been done (which, of course, I already knew!). She also let me know that our bricks are due to be delivered this week, most likely Friday, the drains and set out are due next week (week 2 of construction), then the slab poured the week after that (week 3)!!!


She also confirmed the start date of 27th January, even though technically today should be 'day one'...but we all know the story there. So, it appears official end of contract day is December 3rd, just in time for the pre-Christmas rush. It was also mentioned that our SS is fully aware of our situation and will do everything he can to ensure a quick build. All I need to do is line up an Independent Inspector, just to put my mind at rest.

I have also received my hall table (which is sitting in the middle of everything...), and I have a few other purchases I'll reveal probably tomorrow. At this stage, I need some sleep!


A-M said...

What wonderful news... and look at that beautiful, level, FLAT block of land. I look at level land in a whole different light now after $50,000 worth of retaining, plumbing and drainage bills! ($7000 just for drainage!)... and the build is so much faster on level land. Things will fly for you now. They are aware of how badly they have treated you and I bet you'll get the best service from now on. I look forward to following your journey! A-M xx

Toni said...

Congratulations Stormy! I know this day has been a long time coming for you. I can "hear" the excitement in your post.

Hope your SS makes it a quick build for you and that you have handover well before the 3rd Dec (although that is a good day and Kek will agree with me!)

Roll on week 3 for that slab!

stormygirl said...

Thankyou so much A-M! It's level now, but did have a fall of 1 metre from right to left. Fortunately no retaining walls needed, but we will have drains surrounding the house. Certainly not the extent of earthworks you have had to endure!

Thankyou Toni (what happened to H2B? ;-))! Lots of excitement here, and lots of shopping has already taken place! Can't wait to see the drains go in next week, then the long awaited slab! Yay!!!!

Toni said...

hehe, H2B is now house complete!