Saturday, February 28, 2009

Steady Progress.

It's been a pretty busy week, and I haven't had much chance to update for a few days. The guy's have been working very hard in the heat at a steady pace.

Thursday's achievements included adding the yellow tongue flooring over the joists for the second story. This is the void which will be the staircase:

Flooring over the lounge room:

The 'end' of the second storey sitting on steel beams:

The sewerage pipe sitting in the hallway has been fixed too! As far as I know, they dug out the slab a little, put in an elbow joint to move it to the correct place, then poured a small amount of concrete back to fill up the hole. Done!!

Just for fun...

Yesterday must have been a fairly busy day for them! We have second storey external walls!!! Whoo Hoo!!!

The end of the second storey frame:

We also have had the delivery of windows and doors! There are four wooden doors, and one large stacker door for the family out onto the alfresco. Our 'proper' half glazed laundry door has arrived, but the other 3 wooden doors are all temp ones for the 2 front doors and the garage internal access door. These will be changed to the correct 2 panel doors a little further down the track so they don't get damaged. The temp doors are just to achieve lock up stage.

A pile of windows and part of the stacker door. They are all the Merino (or Paperbark) colour, with black tape for protection:

The frame for our beautiful double entry doors, complete with hinges. Although I'm not 100% happy at the metal step plate of the frame (on the right side), it will mean it will never rot, and won't ever have to be painted. I was aware of this at our Sales Consultations 'stage' 15 months ago!:

We had our weekly update phone call from the CSA Manager on Friday, who let us know of the progress. Looks as though the framers will be here until the end of next week, and the roof trusses arrive on Tuesday. We should also find out next week the schedule for the next proceedings...roof tiles and bricks!

Yesterday I was 'tagged' by the lovely Mrs B from Decorating a Modern Home, to describe 6 interesting things about me! I'll let you know the outcome after I have put some thought into it over the weekend!


Toni said...

Great progress this week Stormy. You must be so pleased to see the frame up. Have you been able to walk around upstairs yet?

hmmm, I never knew you could get a door frame with the metal bit. Good points re rotting and repainting, repainting or stainin in my case is okay but rotting!

Happy for you that things are moving along and that updates are being given.

Toni said...

oh and looking forward to reading your 6 things ;-)

stormygirl said...

Thanks Toni,

No, not able to walk upstairs yet, just a bit dangerous, with only the exterior walls up and not straightened. Hopefully I'll get the chance to this week sometime! I'm looking forward to seeing if there is any view! I can actually see the 2nd storey frame work of the house from the closest main road, and that's before the roof goes on!