Monday, February 23, 2009

'Unofficial' site meeting.

This morning on my daily drive by, I discovered a car, with the occupant in it, parked outside the block. I turned and parked on the crossover, got out and took a couple of snaps. The occupant got out of his car and introduced himself. Turns out to be our Site Supervisor! We chatted for about 10 minutes before we went our separate ways!

My suspicions on the misaligned pipes were completely correct. The laundry trough one will be fine with just an elbow joint in it and hadn't been marked with pink paint, but the sewerage pipe from upstairs I was more concerned about had been marked.

Not quite sure how they will fix it, but it's marked so it will get done.

The temp fencing went up on Saturday, and we also have a new sign on the front of it. Apparently, the neighbours have complained (not sure about what...), so they have erected a sign with "Please shut gates at all times", "No unauthorised entry to site" and "No power tools before 7am".

I also queried the pooling of the little amount of rain we had on the slab. It just happens to fall right in the middle of the hallway, where the floating floorboards will be installed. If it is with in their 'tolerances', then they won't fix it, but if it exceeds it, they will have to. I will have to go to the flooring shop and see if any levelling compound has been included in our quote...might have to get that added.

The carpenters weren't on site as this stage, as they had to complete a job somewhere else, but on my afternoon drive-by, they were there nailing the big jigsaw puzzle they had laid out, last week, together.

Another thing I mentioned, was the slab for the porch is level with the ground, and I wasn't sure it was supposed to be. Apparently, it is, and it can be covered with 100mm driveway concrete to the front door, so the step down isn't as far.

Looks as though tomorrow the walls might be standing! The roof trusses are due to be delivered on Tuesday, so soon it will at least resemble a house!!

I asked the SS if any leftover materials could be left on site for us. He said there is usually a 5% wastage of bricks calculated into the house, but with the Daniel Robertsons, there is often no wastage as the bricks are so good. We might end up with quite a bit left over!! They will leave only half a dozen roof tiles for us (for an emergency), and any opened internal tile packets we can have. Anything that is not opened gets returned for a credit.

I also discovered that the SS was responsible for building the houses out at the Lyndhurst display center. He hand picks all of his tradies and sticks to the ones he knows and trusts. Fingers crossed we get a display quality home...

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A-M said...

Oh we are kindred spirits! You look over everything in the same detail that I do. Whether you like it or not, you are now officially SS2 (site supervisor 2). I arrived on the block this morning to find a brick wall that had been built at the end of the patio, with no windows. Guess what is happening now as I type? - they're pullin' it down and starting again. You have to be on top of everything if you want to end with what you signed up for! Sounds like you are on top of things so you should have a fairly smooth ride. Remember if you need to vent - I'm here, probably needing to vent too! A-M xx