Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Slab Party!!

The long awaited slab and ever important foundation to our new home has been laid!

Today, they began around 7am, and had gone by 3pm. I arrived on the scene at 8:15, then spent most of the morning there. It was quite difficult to take photos, so I kindly asked my neighbours if I could borrow their balcony again!

When I returned early in the afternoon, the concrete mixes and pump had gone and they were smoothing out the top and removing the framework.

When I went past after the school run, they had left! Perfect time to attempt to put the kid's hand prints onto the garage floor. Unfortunately, it was waaaay too hard, so I had to scratch the date and our name in instead. In hindsight, I should have put "Stormy's Castle", but that would have taken me an hour (it was THAT hard), the kids were tired, and I was getting sunburnt.

The hand prints and "Stormy's Castle" will have to go on the driveway instead...

I'm guessing they won't start the frame until next week (I hope...), giving the slab a little bit of time to 'cure'. We'll soon find out!

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